mármol, piedra, granito, lastras, pavimentos, revestimientos, antepecmos, escaleras, mesas, lavabo, ménsula y encimera de baño y cocina, marmól envejecido, cenefas, centros, mosaicos, molduras, rosetones, chimeneas, decoracion, columnas, fachada, cocina, fregadero, suelos, abujardado, baldosas, travertino, lajas




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Turning Torso - Malmö, Sweden

floor radiate and bench in white carrara honed


white carrara honed raditate floor and bench


All solutions in marble and granite




A part from routine items, we can also be helpful in small and obscure jobs that clients ask you for.





 We can supply both small or large orders in different materials, finishes and dimensions.






 This means 

that one company 

can supply you 

with all the answer 

you need.











nero assoluto ebony black granite polished, honed, sandblasted

Frankfurter Allee 69 - Berlin

over 900m² in ebony black polished and sandblasted

Marbella - Spain

floor and stair in calacatta and polychrome pattern

calacatta marble polished floor and stair

mosaic tiles and massive bench in marble

Solstrand Hotel - Norway

Bench in bianco carrara and mosaic floor in botticino, travertino, verona red, bardiglio

Bank - Göteborg, Sweden

precast raised floor in white carrara and cipollino classico

precast raised floor in bianco carrara and cipollino classico

travertino classico, rosa cinzia granite, nero africa black granite, capao bonito granite

Henrietta House - London

floor and cladding in travertino, rosa cinzia, black africa, capao bonito

Bianco carrara - bathroom - sauna

bathroom in bianco carrara mosaic tiles and piece in cut to size

sauna - bianco carrara mosaic and cut to size mm.20

Formello - Roma

floor, swimming pool border and door frames in tumbled materials

stone door frame and tumbled tiles marble

bethel white flamed and black nero africa polished

The Heights - Brooklands, London

over 4000m² facing in bethel white flamed and black africa polished


State Bank - Port Louis, Mauritius

colonnade in stoney creek, black africa, african red, rosa porrino

granite stoney creeck, nero africa impala, african red, rosa porrino, polished, honed or flammed

green granite olive green polished or flammed

Henry Moore Institute - Leeds, UK

facade in green granite polished and stair in green granite flamed

Hotel Mäster Johan - Malmö, Sweden

vanity tops in azul macaubas

azul macaubas polished vanity top

statuario venato polished open book match polished

Marbella - Spain

floor in statuario venato book match 

Swimming-pool bordes - Marina di Pietrasanta, Firenze, Viareggio

botticino, pietra d'istria, travertino

swimming pools borders, botticino, pietra d'istria, travertino

tumbled tiles or brushed tiles - patterns and frames

Tumbled or brushed tiles, tumbled or brushed patterns and frames

Mosaic tiles, mosaic patterns and frames, mosaic on drawing polished, honed or tumbled

mosaic marble floor

vanity tops, bathtub, tiles and bordes marble, stone and granite

bathroom vanity tops, bathtub, tiles and borders

Kitchen tops in marble or granite - massive kitchen in marble

kitchen tops granite

momumento_di_bahia.jpg (9813 byte)

azul bahia monument (Norway) - flower box in perlato sicilia - fountain in bianco carrara - fountain in imperial red


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