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General information guidelines for installation and maintenance of marble, granite and stone.

Installations should be performed by experience installers, familiar with the methods and general guidelines of marble, stone and granite, because it is important to know that granite and marble flooring often is given a thermal finish, either for aesthetic or safety reasons.

(Bosteco s.r.l is not responsible for any omission or misunderstanding of this guidelines.)

Installation :

  1. material handling

  2. before installation

  3. type of installation

  4. countertops



  1. What is granite ?

  2. What colors are granites available in ?

  3. What can granite be finished ?

  4. What can granite be used for ?

  5. Why must I choose granite ?


Maintenance :

  1. cleaning and sealing recommendations



  1. What is marble ?

  2. What colors are marble available in ?

  3. What can marble be finished ?

  4. What can marble be used for ?

  5. Taroli

Packing & transport

  1. packing

  2. transport

  3. damage shipments


Marble & Granite

  1. What about cost ?

Material Handling






Tiles are usually sold packed in 10 per box and the weight of the box is approximately 27 kg. It is very important that the tiles be standing vertically.






Slabs and Tops

When the pieces are very large and heavy, slabs should be loaded and unloaded with the proper equipment (forklift or crane). If the marble, granite or stone has a polished face, the slabs or tops should loaded vertically with the polished faces touching each other.


The slabs must be carried in a vertical position



1. Granite is defined as a visibly granular , crystalline structure. The grain that compose is structure could range from the size of 2mm. to the size of 25 mm. Granite was formed from molten materials. The source is magma that  makes a mixture of feldspar, quartz and silica. The cooling process (very slowly) under extreme pressure has produced a stone which is extremely dense and hard, second only to the diamonds in hardness.

2. Granite are available in a wide range of colors and veining : from white to black, form green to yellow ..... There are more than 8.000 varieties for granite, marble and stone. Variation of color and vein from block to block , from slab to slab, should be expected and considered. As quarrying continues, materials  from different sections of the quarry or from different depths of the quarry can vary greatly. For these reasons, it is very important to purchase sufficient quantities at the same time or verify that additional material of the same lot is indeed available for later purchase. Being a natural stone, variations from shipment to shipment or lot to lot cannot be controlled or predicted.

3. Granite can be finished in several ways : the surface can be highly polished or can be honed to be more slip-resistant or can be given flamed (the surface is heavily textured) to be very slip-resistant.

4. Granite is very dense and hard. It stands up well to heavy foot traffic, which makes it the stone of choice for commercial lobbies and walkways. It is resistant to most chemicals and scratches, and have a low absorption rate. It is available in hundreds of colors and patterns so it is ideal for counter and bar tops.

5. Beauty, design flexibility, durability, value, customer satisfaction : these are the primary advantages of using granite. Granite is a top performer, it will continually look as beautiful as the day it was installed. It is the perfect  solution quality-price.


Before Installation


Check your delivery : 

Verify that the correct material was delivered. Once the material is installed, it is too later to make any changes.




Sorting the material for the job :

Remember that piece can not be inspected or appreciated by looking at just one tile.


The only way to check marble, granite or stone is by looking at several pieces, mixing them and laying them flat together in order to appreciate the stone's quality and colors.


Divide the area of installation into separate zone and allocated enough material for each area including some waste.

If the material to be installed is tiles, all the boxes should be open and the tiles should be taken from all the boxes randomly.


In this way, the installation will be uniform and the material will look homogeneous. 

The direction of the vein should be considered before starting installation.


If there is not enough material to finish a complete area, the installation should not to be started because it will be very likely that the additional material will have different tone.




Suggestion ...

If the stone is going to be installed already polished, all the edges of the tiles should be bevelled to allow the installer a small margin of error during the installation.



1. Marble is a combination of different carbonate materials (primarily calcium carbonate). It has a consistent background with veins of different colors.

2. Marble is available in a wide range of colors. No two pieces are exactly alike and this variation of colors and veins give the particular beauty of marble. As per granite the classification of all marble types is quite impossible. So you can certainly find the "perfect" color for your home.

3. Marble can be finished in several ways : the surface can be highly polished or can be honed to be more slip-resistant for trafficked floors. Marble is more porous and softer than granite, but the surface can be restored.

4. Marble is an elegant choice for living room and bathroom. A so large range of colors, veins and it is very easy to clean help you to redecorate your home with floor and wall tiles, frames and vanity tops. Marble's beauty will last for generations.

5. Taroli : We would inform you that the White Carrara C and CD - White Statuario - Calacatta and all marbles of Carrara area ca be often affected by some little "craters" which formation is due to the crystallization of the calcium carbonate together with the underground water. These craters are called "TAROLI" in the local slang. These "craters" are found especially on dry light crystalline materials. Consequently, being the above listed marble qualities light and dry, more or less accentuated "taroli" can be easily found there in. Ii does not exist any law establishing the size tolerance of these craters. Anyway as per stone sector usage sing and custom in force the craters cannot be accepted when having a diameter more than mm.5 . "Taroli" are not considered as a marble defect but a "state of nature" of some particular light crystalline marble composed by more than 90% calcium carbonate and having an imbibition coefficient of about 0,02%.


Type of installation


Marble, granite or stone tiles can be installed by adhesive or they can be mechanically anchored depending on the size of the pieces and the application. A different method and adhesive is used if tiles are going to be installed indoors instead of outdoors.


It is recommended to use a non-staining adhesive. For marbles we recommend the use of adhesives that bind the mixture water rapidly impeding absorption. Fore marbles which are subject to concave deformation and flaking of the surface layer due the water absorption (such some green marbles), we recommend polyurethane-based two-component adhesives which are completely water-free and very elastic.

(We suggest Mapei - Kerakoll products)


Joints between pieces should be filled using the proper material and colors. It is very important to approve a sample of filled joint before the job is done to avoid problems.


Marble & Granite

1. Initially marble, stone and granite may cost more than other solid surfaces, but price must be weighed against performance. The durability and longevity of marble and granite will make any additional cost average out over time. The natural depth and character cannot be matched by any man-made surface. Natural stone does not depreciate with time and adds value to your home.


Countertops ...


Sketch the countertops allowing for overhang on top of the cabinets. Include backsplashes and any cut-out dimension. In addition, choose a finished edge for any visible edge of the countertop and backsplash.


When sketching the countertops, take into account that the size availability of the slabs is approximately cm. 270 x 150 (please contact us for more information). Therefore location of the seams is an important considerations.


Customer or installer will fabricate templates. In order to be able to make accurate templates, cabinets should already be installed and fixed. Accessories such as sinks, cook tops, faucets, dishwasher screws and any other related hardware should be purchased and the job site location prior to beginning templates.



Cleaning and sealing recommendations


1. Marble and granite are easier to maintain then you'd expect. You counter tops and floor in marble and granite is very easy to clean. Common household products will keep your marble and granite looking beautiful for a long time. For daily maintenance a solution of clear, non-sudsing soap or a mild neutral detergent (ask your trustworthy shop-keeper) and water is recommended. Marble is especially susceptible to damage from citric acids, alcohol's, and oils. Care should be taken to make sure the detergent is non-abrasive. Some stone suppliers recommend to apply a sealer on the marble and granite a few weeks after installation is completed. This helps prevent staining on the stone. The sealer should be reapplied periodically since it wears off after an extended period of time. Remember that marble is more porous and softer than granite. With proper care its beauty will last for generations.






All pieces and packages are marked as request. The packages is proportionate to means of transportation.

Packing and transport have an effect on a single piece cost. Please, contact us, we can help you to find the better solution.


Usually our packing-system uses polystyrene or cartoons boxes put on pallet covered with thermostatic nylon ...

imballo 2.jpg (55352 bytes)


... or wooden crates for floor and wall tiles in standard size

imballo 3.jpg (77741 bytes)


For non-standard pieces (as kitchen-tops,  vanity-tops ...) we made wooden packages on size. 

imballaggio.jpg (51314 bytes)



We have arrangement with several carrier lines and we can quote a price for material including transport (door-to-door), for all destinations.



Damaged Shipments

Goods accepted by carrier in good order shall be considered delivered to buyer, if merchandise is damaged, claim should be filed with the delivering carrier. The shipper's responsibility terminates upon delivery of the goods to buyer and a reception of a clear, signed "delivery note". Therefore merchandise should be inspected for damage or shortage upon delivery.

 If damage or shortage is found :

  1. Note the damage or shortage on the freight bill.

  2. File a claim immediately with the carrier

Freight lines require notification of damage within 10 days of delivery, if, for some reason, you are unable to inspect the merchandise immediately, note on the "delivery note" : accepted subject to hidden or concealed damage

In no case will any adjustment be made for shortage or damage not reported in the specified time period.



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