We are pleased to introduce Bosteco to you

We are located in Versilia at Querceta, one of the most active areas in the stone business, with its stone traditions and high concentration of marble, slate and granite factories and warehouses.





Here, all materials are available to supply to the highest qualities and any quantities.

We are a company with a very dynamic and flexible approach which allows us to supply any type of marble, granite or stone from a single piece to meeting bulk orders for complicated projects and we can deliver all over the word.

A part from routine items, we can also be helpful in small and obscure jobs that clients ask you for.

marble mosaic - botticino, travertino, rosso verona, bardiglio, bianco carrara









Solstrand Hotel - Norway

 Bench in bianco carrara, mosaic floor in botticino, travertino, verona red, bardiglio


Bosteco srl - via Federigi, traversa B n.91 - 55047 Querceta (LU) Italy

phone ++39 0584 760152 - fax ++39 0584 767428 - e-mail : info@bosteco.com 



tiles, floors, countertops, kitchen, bathroom, sinks, swimming pool, fireplaces, sills, stairs, white carrara marble, statuario