Turning Torso - Malmö, Sweden - White Carrara marble

Floor radiate and bench in white carrara honed

Floor radiate cut to size in white Carrara marble - special bench base  in white Carrara honed on drawing

Floor radiate and bench in white carrara honed

Floor radiate and bench in white carrara honed


Bianco Carrara - White Carrara marble

Carrara marble is origin from Italy, has been used since the time of Ancient Rome; the Pantheon and Trajan's Column in Rome are constructed of White Carrara. Many sculptures of the Renaissance, such as Michelangelo's David, were carved from Carrara marble. The Marble Arch in London and the Duomo di Siena are also made from this stone, but generally speaking all over the world is possible to find a small, medium or big job made in white carrara C or CD marble that they are always to be connected with a prior choice from architect.
The white Carrara marble is exported and known everywhere all over the world.

Colour uniformity of White Carrara is very good. If not polished, white carrara, is suitable also for external jobs. 


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