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granite nero africa, african red, rosa porrino, stoney creek

granite nero africa, african red, rosa porrino, stoney creek

Colonnade in stoney creek, black africa, african red, rosa porrino granite



The granites are available in a wide range of colours and veining : from white to black, from green to yellow ..... There are more than 1.000 varieties for granite. 

Granite can be finished in several ways : the surface can be highly polished or can be honed to be more slip-resistant or can be given flamed (the surface is heavily textured) to be very slip-resistant.
Granite is very dense and hard. It stands up well to heavy foot traffic, which makes it the stone of choice for commercial lobbies and walkways. It is resistant to most chemicals and scratches, and have a low absorption rate. Beauty, design flexibility, durability, value, customer satisfaction : these are the primary advantages of using granite. Granite is a top performer, it will continually look as beautiful as the day it was installed. It is the perfect solution quality-price.

Granite Stoney Creek is an orange colour granite from USA - Granite Black Africa or granito Nero Africa Impala or Rustenberg is a black granite from South Africa - Granite African Red is red colour granite from South Africa - Granite Rosa Porrino ( granite Pink Porrino ) is a pink granite from Spain



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